Dale Torrey, Sr.


Agitator Lobster Boat
Dale Torrey Sr, Lobsterman

Memorable event on the water

Catching an 11 ½ lb blue lobster in June 2007.

Favorite music

Faith Hill, George Jones. Favorite songs are "He Stopped Lovin' Her Today" by George Jones and "Picture" by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow

Favorite books

"The Shipping News" by E. Annie Proux and "Random Passage" by Bernice Morgan…both about Newfoundland (a favorite place I've visited 3 times)

Favorite TV

Old Westerns (especially Clint Eastwood)

Favorite Sport


I was born and raised in Winter Harbor, Maine. I began lobstering when I was 10 years old. All my relatives are lobstermen, back 6 generations with two more coming after me: my sons and grandsons. My older brother, Douglas Torrey, taught me.

I have a "large clan" family: 4 brothers and sisters, 6 grown children, 13 grandkids, and 9 great-grandkids. My kids are all hard working, independent, and family is all-important. They work hard at fishing, hair-styling, tending a lobster pound, waitressing & taking care of old folks, dog grooming/kenneling/breeding (Yorkies), and managing a resort restaurant.

My boat name, the Agitator pretty much describes me. When I was bringing my new boat home from Canada years ago (before boat electronics & weather forecasts), I got caught in a So-West snowstorm for 24 hrs; it should have been a 7 hour run home. The Coast Guard and Larry Torrey were out looking for me.

I started the Co-op in 1971 and have been on the board all but 2 or 3 years. Been President 20 years or better and am the current President.

I enjoy lobstering because no one is telling you what to do, and I love trying to "out think" the lobster. It takes years to lean how the lobster moves: off shore to in shore, in shore to off shore. It's never the same. You have to know all the "bottom", all the places they travel, so you can "jump" around and find how they're moving that year.

When buying lobster, remember that they have to be handled very carefully: kept in cold saltwater until sold. Also, Winter Harbor fishermen have special permits to supply some egg-bearing female lobster to the Lobster Hatchery, and to reseed baby lobsters in our coves, in order to keep up the stocks. Otherwise, we "punch" the tails of egg-bearing females so they can never be taken, so they will breed.

Note: Due to Dale's knowledge of ocean and his undeniable Downeast accent he has had the priviledge of being featured in an Alka-Seltzer commercial in the 1980's. You may remember Dale talking about the wonders Alka-Seltzer did on his "Winter Harbor colds".

Meet The Captains

Every purchase you make with Winter Harbor Lobster Coop goes directly to the men and women who spend thier lives at sea catching the lobsters we all love so much. Thank you for supporting local independent fishermen and the communities they live in.

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