About Us

We realized early on that to ship the freshest lobsters around
the country successfully involved much more than just
overnight mail service. For the best quality, texture, and
taste, our live lobsters had to have ideal conditions,
from the time we catch them to when they arrive at
your table. To ensure that our lobsters exceed your
expectations, we built a specialized and
state-of-the-art holding facility.

As soon as the lobsters come off our boats, we
immediately chill them to 36 degrees, which puts them
to "sleep" and locks in their fresh taste. We also maintain
a sophisticated water filtration system to simulate the lobsters'
natural environment. When packing your order, we use customized
"cold packs" to maintain a low temperature until the lobsters reach you.

Fresh Wild Lobster

Keeping lobsters cold and in the right environment are key components to keeping them fresh and ensuring high quality taste. But there's one more feature of our quality assurance system that sets our lobsters apart from the rest. When we receive your order, we hand-select your lobsters for both "hardiness" and "hardness", qualities that we, as experienced fishermen, can easily recognize.

Reggie Knowles, our tank room manager, is a life-long fisherman and oversees all grading processes. Reggie knows his lobsters and will not pass a lobster for shipping that he wouldn't want to serve his family. He makes sure that your order is handled with care, attention to detail, and commitment. When you place an order with Winter Harbor Lobster, you'll receive the highest quality lobster for your dining pleasure.

Reggie Knowles

Meet The Captains

Every purchase you make with Winter Harbor Lobster Coop goes directly to the men and women who spend thier lives at sea catching the lobsters we all love so much. Thank you for supporting local independent fishermen and the communities they live in.

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